About us

Communication Consultants
Our Vision

Be the leading partner in delivering effective and impactful communication solutions

Our Mission

Creatively conceptualize and tell authentic stories

Our Values

Creativity, Excellence, Professionalism, and Integrity

Our Record

Storytelling is our DNA! We have 5+ years of extensive experience in creating and developing creative communication projects with proven partnership with small and medium enterprises and over 10 development organizations since 2012. We have the desire, the expertise, the vision and the know-how to communicate your story. We research your needs thoroughly, ensuring an in-depth understanding of your vision and your business needs.

  • We have worked with various humanitarian agencies in various parts of Nairobi, Central Kenya, North Eastern, Western Kenya, and Coastal region, documenting human stories
  • Excellent relational and interviewing skills developed over five years, working in diverse multicultural contexts.
  • Good writing and editing skills honed through experience communicating within varied contexts including the development arena.
  • We possess vast technical skills, which include prowess in scripting, filming, writing, and post- production.
Our team

Amos Burkeywo

Managing Partner
Boniface Musembi

Boniface Musembi

Managing Partner
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